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Luminant health care was founded with the sole purpose of providing safe therapeutic products for the treatment of life style related diseases or pathological conditions. These products falls either under “Herbals” or under “Nutraceuticals” or “Food supplements”which makes them safe if desired/needed to use for a long period of time.

This website www.luminanthealthcare.com is created for the people to improve the quality of health and life. This platform provides with latest updates through ‘Blog’, established scientific facts on medicines, diseases and diagnostic tests through ‘Information centre’ and to let any one ask any question through ‘Forums’. All sections or pages on this website are kept free from ads to enhance the browsing experience.

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In today's fast paced life, we often come across minor health issues that we often neglect due to lack of time for paying a visit to a doctor, which usually takes away 2-3 hours of a person's time and are expensive too. Further more, such minor conditions may grow big at any time if neglected. Our aim in setting up this platform is that any person can search for any health condition or medicines and can get all the needed information within hardly 10-15 minutes, which saves a lot of time and money. After going through every information, if the person has any questions, he/she can go to our forums section and raise a topic. This will help him/her decide better whether he/she needs to pay an immediate visit to a doctor or can it wait for a day or two? Help us in bringing awareness about diseases and medicines by spreading the word to at least 5 of your friends and relatives.

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