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Cough Herbs price_₹ 70
Brozel kid

Brozel kid

Cough Herbs price_₹ 70
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Product Overview
Company: Luminant Health Care
Brand name: Brozel Kid
Quantity: 3 bottles of 100 ml
Dosage: 2 spoons twice a day
Safe for Children, Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers

100% herbal with all-natural ingredients

This Product will not be shipped outside India due to the limitations of shipping liquid preparations by air courier

Product Description

Brozel kid is a herbal cough syrup for kids, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers. Usually, patients with a complaint of cough, are prescribed with antitussives or expectorants in allopathy. The limitation with these allopathy medicines is the dosing interval and the maximum number of doses.

The normal dosing of these antitussives and expectorant syrups are three times a day after meals. This works fine for the most part of the day. But the problem occurs at night when coughing gets triggered (due to any reason) and the dose of regular cough syrup cannot be taken. Also, kids have this habit of eating something at regular intervals. This may also trigger coughing in most kids, if not in all.

Brozel kid, being a herbal syrup has no limitation for maximum dose; i.e., it can be taken for any number of times. This is because the contents of Brozel Kid are 100% herbal and does not have any side effects.

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