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Herbs Pain killers price_₹ 520
Maximob Oil

Maximob Oil

Herbs Pain killers price_₹ 520
Short Description:
Product Overview
Company: Luminant Health Care
Brand name: Maximob Oil
Quantity: 4 bottles of 30 ml
Not to be taken orally. For topical application only
Safe for Children, Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers

100% herbal with all-natural ingredients

This Product will not be shipped outside India due to the limitations of shipping liquid preparations by air courier

Product Description

Composition of Maximob Oil
Dhatura oil (S.S) – 50% pain oil
Gandhpura oil (B.P) – 20%
Mahavishgarbh oil (B.R) – 15%
Kapur oil (A.B) – 5%
Pipermint oil (B.P) – 5%
Nilgiri oil (B.P) – 4%
Laving oil (A.B) – 1%

Directions for use:
Apply 2-3 drops of Maximob (oil) on the inflamed part and gently massage for 1-2 minutes

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