What to do when your child is on Drugs?

What to do when your child is on Drugs?

What to do when your child is on drugs?


Are you a parent? Just ask yourself how would you feel if your child is addicted to drugs? Or, what would happen if your child is addicted to drugs? The thought itself is scarier than the worst nightmare. Imagine the plight of thousands of parents who are living this nightmare!!! This article is all about what to do when your child is on drugs.

The Harsh Reality

Kate lives in Sydney, Australia with her 16-year-old son John. Albert Peter Jr lives with his 19-year-old daughter Amanda in other parts of the world, in Chicago, Illinois. There are hardly any similarities between the two; except both Kate and Albert are single parents and both have recently discovered that their child is taking drugs. While Amanda’s addiction is a few months old, John is addicted to drugs for almost two years. Albert was fortunate to notice the changes in Amanda’s behavior. Initially, Albert related these changes to common teenage problems but soon realized that Amanda is not a teen anymore. He took the matter seriously and decided to dig further and was soon confronted with the shocking reality of Amanda’s addiction to drugs. Kate too noticed the changes in her son’s behavior. Like Albert, Kate too related these changes to her son’s teen age. But unlike Albert, it took two long years for Kate to find out John’s addiction to drugs. These are true incidents, as reported by the local newspapers. However, names of people and places involved have been changed.
The reason why I shared these incidents is drug addiction is not related to your family background, upbringing, your location, financial condition, family condition and many more factors. Of course, the better these factors, lesser would be the chances of your child’s addiction; but that’s not a GUARANTEE. Please understand this: Drug industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Drug mafias have their agents in almost every locality to find new customers. Preteens and teens are favorite targets of these agents. If these children can afford their addiction, drug lord will earn money. If they can’t afford their addiction, drug lord will use them to transport their drugs in return of some small quantity of drugs.

Coming to the big question: What would you do if you found out that your child is taking/addicted to drugs?

Don't Do It Yourself

Don’t confront your child and raise the topic of his/her drug addiction. You are not a superhero equipped with special powers to deal with all kinds of situations/mess, especially if it involves your preteen/teenage child. Also, teenagers usually feel that their parents don’t understand them and are killing away their freedom and liberty.
You need help. You need someone who can talk to your child. But not anyone; Someone who has good bonding with your child. Someone who your child looks up to. Someone who your child thinks is a well wisher. You need that person who can talk with your child and convince him to quit drugs. But that will not be all. You will need medical help as well as professional help from de-addiction centers.

Don't Blame yourself

You are definitely a better parent than many others out there. You have done everything within your reach to raise your child. If your child is taking drugs, it has nothing to do with your upbringing (unless you are an addict too!). Stop blaming yourself for your child’s addiction. Instead, utilize the time and resources in getting your child out of it.

Don't Blame Your Child

I know many of you will not agree with me on this point. However, I will clearly say that in most cases, it’s not the fault of the child if he/she is addicted to drugs. Teenagers and youngsters often try drugs out of curiosity. As time passes, curiosity turns into the fun, fun into habit and habit into addiction. However, this is largely dependent on company and friends.
Some of you might even think that a person is responsible for keeping good company. He/she must not keep friends that are in bad business or bad habits. But, just like you, your child is no superhero. He cannot judge a person from the looks or just by meeting once or twice, what kind of habit that Mr. X has!
So, stop blaming your child. Instead, support him/her in De-addiction program.

Be the parent that your child needs and not the one that your child wants

Teenagers want their parents to stay away from their decisions and certain aspects of life. You don’t have to be that parent. You don’t have to keep asking your child ‘How can you let this happen?’
You have to be a parent who is realistic. A parent who knows that his child is addicted to drugs and who is determined to get his child out of drugs. This is the time when your child needs your love, support, care, and wisdom.
You have to be a parent who is realistic. A parent who knows that his child is addicted to drugs and who is determined to get his child out of drugs. This is the time when your child needs your love, support, care, and wisdom.

Confront your child

Before you do this, please keep following points in mind:
  • Avoid irrelevant talks.
  • Straight away come to the point.
  • Keep your calm.
  • Don’t waste your time in finding the right time to talk to your child. ‘NOW’ is the right time.
  • If your child tries to drift away from the focus of the conversation, tell him clearly to stay on the point.
  • Be stern in a humble and loving manner.
There are two possible outcomes:
  • Your child will straight away accept what and how he has been doing. If this happens, it means that your child knows that whatever he is doing is not right. And you may not face any difficulties in convincing your child to join a de-addiction center.
  • If your child denies everything, don’t ease yourself. Be stern and take him to a doctor or physician. Tell the doctor everything without hiding anything. Certain blood tests will confirm the name and dose of the drug. The doctor will provide further guidance regarding the antidote and de-addiction centers.
  • But what if your child runs away even before you take him to the doctor? It’s even easier. Go to a local police station or court and ask for help. A provision for custody of drug addicts exists in laws of almost every country. Order for such custody is issued by the court where addicts are kept under medical supervision and under police protection or under medical supervision in a restricted premises.


Please remember that most of the addicts enter de-addiction program only when compelled to do so by family members or by law. Also remember that if a person is taking drugs, that does not mean he/she is a bad person. It’s just that he has developed a bad habit due to misguidance.
Feel free to ask questions if you have any. I will try to answer them in my best capacity.
My wishes and prayers are with you and your child.

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