Fertilace M review with all proofs attached

Fertilace M review with all proofs attached

On a daily basis, I receive many queries related to results of Fertilace M. Despite the fact that thousands of couples are relishing, either their parenthood or pregnancy, I was reluctant on sharing their details on the Internet. But the case mentioned below is exemplary, exceeding our expectations out of our product.

The man in the picture is a resident of Surat city, Gujarat, India. He is an alcoholic, diabetic and hypertensive male and his age is 47 years. His wife’s age is 35 years and the couple was fighting male infertility since their marriage. He consulted Dr. Dilip Ukani primarily for erectile dysfunction. During this counseling, he shared his problem of infertility with the doctor. This case is also an epitome which defies the prejudice that the rich overlooks the needy since 70% of the total cost of treatment was sponsored by Dr. Dilip.

Products used:

Fertilace M and Ligora


Ligora – 2 tablets in morning and 2 tablets at night just before sleeping.

Fertilace M:

Formula 1 – 1 capsule in the morning

Formula 2 – 1 capsule in the afternoon

Formula 3 – 1 capsule in the evening

Duration of treatment:

4 months

We are thankful to Mr. Rameshbhai Patel for his consent in sharing his case with the world a cause.

Contact Details of Doctor:

Name: Dr. Dilip Ukani

Clinic address: Shivam clinic, Sayan, Surat, Gujarat, India.

E-mail address: dilipukani007@gmail.com

Please note that the patient did not produce any sperm analysis report when he visited the doctor for the first time. Also, because of his financial condition, Dr. Dilip did not ask him to get any of such reports done. This was confirmed by Dr. Dilip when he said “Since these are herbal supplements, I asked the patient to get a semen analysis done at the end of the third month. But he did not comply with the instructions owing to his financial condition. But its always advisable to start any treatment on the basis of judgments taken from the results of the diagnostic tests”.

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