GPAT mock test #2

Questions   GPAT mock test – 2 (GPAT test papers free download)

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  1. __________ mill is used for the production of very fine powder. GPAT test papers free download
  2. Moist heat sterilization can be carried out in __________
  3. Glassware, ointment tubes, dry powder and oily substances are sterilized by __________
  4. Surgical dressing, rubber, parenteral preparation, IV fluids are sterilized by __________
  5. Thermolabile solution can be sterilized by __________ GPAT test papers free download
  6. Sintered glass filters are made of __________
  7. Fibrous pad used in filtration sterilization are prepared from __________
  8. Ceramic filters are made form __________
  9. __________ and __________ are the gaseous agents which are used for sterilization of thermolabile materials.
  10. The solution having greater osmotic pressure than blood is called __________
  11. P.D of blood plasma is __________ GPAT test papers free download
  12. __________ gms of dextrose is required to produce 500 ml of isotonic solution
  13. HEPA filters are used to __________
  14. The animal used in the preparation of diphtheria antitoxin is __________
  15. __________ is an example for an attenuated bacterial vaccine GPAT test papers free download
  16. BCG vaccine is used for prophylaxis of __________
  17. A coating given to tablets to disintegrate in intestine is known as __________
  18. Cellulose acetate phthalate is used as __________
  19. Biological products like vaccines and blood products are dried by __________ technique.
  20. The continuous hot extraction is known as __________
  21. Substances which stimulate the production of antibodies in the body are known as __________
  22. Organized and unorganized drugs can be extracted by __________
  23. Levigation is also known as __________ GPAT test papers free download
  24. 1/16th part of imperial pound is __________ avoirdupois ounce.
  25. 1/160th part of imperial gallon is equal to __________
  26. One ounce contains __________ tablespoonful.
  27. The mechanical strength of a tablet can be found by __________ test.
  28. Enteric coating of a tablet helps to prevent the disintegration in __________
  29. The unequal distribution of colour on tablet surface is called __________
  30. The process of conversion of powder mixture into free flowing granules is called __________
  31. __________ is defined as the process of removing adhered mixture from solid or liquid.
  32. __________ is the process of removing water of crystallization from from the crystalline substance and make them anhydrous.
  33. Dry heat causes __________ in bacteria
  34. Candle filters are used for __________
  35. Two immiscible liquids are separated by __________ distillation
  36. Two miscible liquids are separated by __________ distillation
  37. Water for injection should be free from __________
  38. __________ is the process of removal of solid matter or suspended matter from a liquid or gas by passing through a porous membrane.
  39. __________ is the process of heat by which the free escape of vapour from the surface of the liquid.
  40. The solvent used for extraction of fixed oils is __________
  41. Active immunity is induced by injecting the antigenic preparations such as __________ and __________
  42. The rate of evaporation depends on __________
  43. __________ is an additive that causes the tablets to break into small pieces when it comes in contact with moisture.
  44. __________ is a technique in which water vapour is removed from frozen material by rapid sublimation at reduced pressure by applying vaccum.
  45. __________ is the process in which inorganic substances are strongly heated to loose their volatile contents with the formation of fixed residue.
  46. Starch is used as a __________ in the formulation of tablets.
  47. Membrane filters are produced from __________
  48. Slugging process is employed in __________
  49. Removal of air from autoclave during sterilization is necessary because __________
  50. __________ is used as a film coating material in formulation of a tablet.


  1. Fluid energy mill
  2. Auto clave
  3. Dry heat
  4. Moist heat
  5. Filtration
  6. Borosilicate powder
  7. Asbestos
  8. Kieselghur
  9. Ethylene oxide, beta propiolactone
  10. Hypertonic
  11. -0.52⁰C
  12. 20 gm
  13. Filtration of air
  14. Horse
  15. BCG
  16. Tuverculosis
  17. Enteric coating
  18. Enteric coating agent
  19. Freeze drying
  20. Soxhlation
  21. Antigens
  22. Maceration
  23. Wet grinding
  24. One ounce
  25. One fluid ounce
  26. Two
  27. Hardness tester
  28. Stomach
  29. Mottling
  30. Granulation
  31. Dessication
  32. Exsiccation
  33. Denaturation
  34. Sterilization of liquid
  35. Steam distillation
  36. Fractional
  37. Pyrogens
  38. Filtration
  39. Evaporation
  40. Alcohol
  41. Vaccine, toxoids
  42. Surface area
  43. Disintegrant
  44. Freeze drying
  45. Calcinations
  46. Disintegrant
  47. Cellulose acetate
  48. Tablet dry granulation
  49. To reduce the temperature of steam
  50. Ethyl cellulose, HPMC

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