My writing style

My writing style

Hey there,

I am writing this post to explain my writing style. More specifically, I am writing this post as an answer to the question from one of my pharmacist friend. He asked me “why I do not add references to my posts?”

Simply because this is a blog and not a scientific journal. Moreover, the purpose of this blog is to share facts in simple and easy to understand language, based on scientific evidences. Readers of my blog, who are not from medical or para-medical fields, will find it hard to find the authenticity and impact factor of a specific article from reference. On the other hand, readers from medical and para-medical fields can do topic or subtopic research for scientific studies based on the information available in this blog. Also, every information shared on this blog is done only on the basis of scientific evidences and research studies published in various journals of international repute.

The purpose of this blog is to make it informative, readable, enjoyable, simple and easy. And it will remain like that.

Hope that this explains.